CSA Membership Policy

We ask all CSA members to read the following policy prior to participating in Collins Family Orchards CSA program. 


We use a web-based service called Farmigo to organize our CSA program. Through Farmigo, our CSA members are able to create and sign-in to a personal account, track and make payments (through PayPal), and adjust their orders.

We accept two types of payment: credit card (via PayPal) or check.

Credit card payments are processed by PayPal through our website program (Farmigo). We can also take card payments over the phone, which would be processed through our Square account.

Checks can be made out to ‘Collins Family Orchard’ and mailed to:

Brian Collins | 520 Parish Rd | Selah, WA 98942

As a CSA members you may choose to pay for the entire season upfront or in installments and agree to pay your account in a timely manner and keep their account membership information up-to-date. Those who sign up for a payment plan of three-installments will be reminded to make payments on the 1st of each month. While we understand people may forget, we kindly ask that you either set up auto-pay via PayPal, or that you make notes of your due dates and send your checks or login to pay on time. We will give you two payment reminders, and will place a hold on your box if payment has not yet been made by the next delivery. Refusal to pay for the CSA once it has started will lead to a cancelation of your membership.


Collins Family Orchards does our best to leave your share in a safe place at your requested location. Once the share is delivered, it is no longer the responsibility of Collins Family Orchards. If your box is stolen, we will replace it if notified immediately. We cannot replace it or refund the cost if you tell us two weeks later that you never got the box.

While our deliveries generally go very smoothly, we understand there will be hiccups and our drivers sometimes put the wrong number of boxes down or the incorrect sizes. If this happens, please first work with your pick-up site host to sort out the issue. Depending on what happens, please notify the CSA manager if something needs to be updated or credited to your account. We are not able to re-deliver boxes that day, and instead we will either offer a credit or refund when a delivery mistake is made on our end.

We re-use our CSA boxes and the pad insert, so please return them to your pick-up site, or leave them on your porch if you receive home delivery, so that our driver can pick them up. However, we cannot reuse boxes that are damaged, dirty, or in poor condition. If your box does not seem re-usable, please just recycle it. Lastly, please breakdown the boxes instead of leaving them intact - this makes it a little bit faster for our delivery driver to pick them up!

Delivery holds

We understand that people are busy during the summer, but we kindly ask that members do their best to commit to the entire season and do not place too many holds. We do offer a refund on up to two delivery holds.

CSA members who will be out of town at some point during their subscription may either arrange for someone else to pick up their share or may place a temporary "hold" on their box by logging into their Farmigo account.

Please note the following policies for holds:

Holds must be placed no later than three days before the date of the delivery or pick-up you would like to have held. We can not place holds the day before or day of delivery as our logistics are done ahead of time and this causes a headache for everyone involved (the host, driver, manager and packers) because it is not as simple as just “pulling” the box.

Refundable holds will be limited to two per season. There is no limit to nonrefundable holds, which will be credited in the form of make-up CSA boxes, credit to a farmers market, or credit to our online farm store.

After placing a hold, please inform the CSA Manager how you would like credit for your missed box via email to csa@collinsfamilyorchards.com. For your first two holds you may request a refund for the box (in the form of a check) or, if you are paying in installments, we can take the cost of the box off of your next installment. For any holds after the first two you may have an extra box delivered on another date, you may have credit at the Farmers Market booth for the cost of the box, or you may receive credit to our online farm store. Credit can rollover to the next season and does not expire.

No Shows

CSA members are expected to pick-up their CSA box by the time their pick-up site closes (9pm for most sites). If you are running late or if something comes up, please contact your host immediately to notify them so they can either leave your box out, or put it out in the morning. It is up to the host’s discretion if they want to hold the box for you.

If you do not pick up your box and do not respond to communication from the host or the CSA manager, you forfeit that box to the host. The host can either hold the box for you until you are able to come get it, but they do not have to do so. If you do not show up, the box becomes their property and they can give it away to a neighbor or friend should they choose to do so.

If you do not show up for your box, it can count toward one of your two delivery holds that you are able to receive a refund on. But if you have used up both refundable holds, then you will not receive a refund or credit for your missed box. Please just pick up your box on time and do not forget about it! We send a weekly e-mail the night before your pick up to help you remember!

Fruit quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our fruit! We do our best to pick the fruit a little under ripe so that it will ripen on your counters, and to have minimal bruises or damage to the fruit during delivery. However, it’s impossible for every piece of fruit to arrive in perfect condition and we know we cannot make everyone happy.

As a member of our CSA, we want you to experience the best fruit and be happy with the quality. However, we do want to clarify that this is fruit that gets picked directly off our trees, driven over to Seattle, packed in a box, and then brought out to you – so there will always be some small bruises or cuts! Plus, since our fruit is organically grown, this is what organic fruit looks like! If you are expecting every piece of fruit to be totally perfect with a wax coating and shine, then you will not enjoy our CSA and we would suggest you do not sign up. However, we also offer the option to pick-up your share at the farmers market, and we recommend this option to people who want to ensure every piece of fruit is perfect and free of any bruising or tree marks–this is the best way to make sure your fruit is as you want it to be!

We are willing to work with you know and will always replace fruit that does not meet your standards. While we instruct our employees to inspect fruit a they are packing them into your CSA boxes, we know we miss some things every now and then. Should you ever receive fruit that is overly bruised, has open cuts, or has any mold or grows mold very quickly, please notify us immediately! We will either credit you for the cost of the fruit in the form of a check refund or store credit, or we will send extra or new fruit out to you in your next box delivery.

We also ask that you notify us immediately when you receive bad fruit! Nothing breaks our hearts more than for someone to reach out mid season to tell us they have been receiving bad fruit all summer long and want to cancel their membership! Please, if you receive bad or damaged fruit in your box, e-mail us! It’s also helpful to us if you send along a photo so we can problem solve what happened and notify our farmer in case it might be an issue with the fruit.

Please follow the CSA Manager's instructions in the weekly emails for care for your fruit in order to maintain the best flavor and freshness. 


CSA members receive weekly email reminders about their delivery and information regarding their participation in our CSA program. Please read our emails as soon as you see them. Please add csa@collinsfamilyorchards.com to your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.

Our preferred method of communication with CSA members is through e-mail at csa@collinsfamilyorchards.com. This helps us maintain a record of our communication so that if we ever need to reference it again, we have it logged in our e-mail.

You may call us during business hours, which are 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday. On delivery days for your box, please contact your host. If you need to follow up with the CSA manager, please contact them via e-mail or phone. If we do not answer our phone PLEASE leave a voicemail with your name and your phone number. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please try not to text our phone number. While we understand this is how most people communicate, when we get a bunch of text messages, they all come in as unknown numbers, which makes it difficult to figure out who is contacting us. If you do text us, please state your full name that your account is under!

Also, please keep in mind that we are a small farm! There is only two people that answer our e-mails and phone for all of our business work. While we do our best to offer exceptional customer service, we are not Amazon. We cannot answer our phone, e-mail and texts immediately. We will get back to you as soon as we can! We will always do whatever we can to help and ensure you have a great experience with us, but we cannot offer “same day” delivery or responses, especially when it’s 9pm at night and our employees are at home.

Changes to your account or canceling your MEMBERSHIP

You are welcome to change your box size at any point during the season if you realize a smaller or larger box would better fit your needs, or if you need to upgrade to more fruit!

If you move or need to change pick-up site location for any other reason, please let the CSA manager know via email or by phone at 206-402-1300 no later than three days prior to your first delivery at the new location.

Please contact the CSA manager if you need to cancel your account. If an account is cancelled, we will refund you any payments made for CSA boxes not yet received. While we hope you will not need to cancel your account, we allow cancellations for a refund if you are moving, are no longer financially able to afford the CSA, or if you are unhappy with your experience.