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About Our Fruit CSA

Save Time: We love meeting fellow fruit lovers at area farmers markets, swapping recipes, and talking fruit. But we know it can be difficult to find time for the market (and lug around a heavy bag of fruit). A home delivery will give you more time for other things.

Save Money: The sustainably-grown, local fruit in your CSA box costs an average of only $2.50 per lb! Extra perk: CSA Members can purchase additional fruit at our farmers market stands at their CSA subscription rate.

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When you sign up for our fruit CSA, you'll choose your box size and delivery location (your home, a Pick-Up Site, or one of our Seattle farmers markets). For your convenience, the directory on our online order form presents your Pick-Up Site options both in list form and on a map — you can even filter by zip code. 

Full payment at the time of your order is appreciated, but there are payment plans available as well. Payment is accepted via PayPal (online) or by check (by mail).

Sign up for our 2018 Summer CSA!

Questions? E-mail our CSA Manager, Isabel at csa@collinsfamilyorchards.com.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)