Hosting A CSA Pick-up Site

csa boxes on porch.jpg

To become the Host of a Pick-Up site, you must:

  • Have a safe, covered area at your home or office where boxes can be dropped off and protected from both rain and sun. A covered porch is ideal.

  • Recruit at least four other CSA members to pick-up at your site if you live within Seattle city limits.

  • Recruit at least nine other CSA members to pick up at your site if you live outside Seattle city limits but in the greater Seattle area. Please see our map to be sure we deliver to your zip code.

  • Promote, market and recruit members for your site! We are able to help promote your specific site on our social media pages and at the farmers market, but you should only sign up if you are willing and interested in promoting your pick-up site online and in your neighborhood!

As the Host of a Pick-Up site, YOU:

  • Are not required to supervise or be home when members pick up their order.

  • Decide the best way to host your pick up site (designating a space and putting up a sign if you'd like).

  • Are the contact person for the Pick-Up site. You are given a contact list of all members assigned to your location and may receive calls from CSA members or the CSA Manager on or around the date of delivery if there is an issue with a box.

  • May choose to be listed in our member directory as a public location (i.e. any member can sign up to pick their order up at your site), or choose to operate as a private site (only friends and family may pick up orders at your site). Either way, your exact address will only be given to members who are signed up at your site. Only an approximate location of your site will be listed on our website.

  • Must receive and hold the reused CSA boxes each week until the next delivery.

  • May report any unruly behavior to the CSA Manager.

Additional Information:

  • Time Frame. We provide you an approximate time frame when we deliver to your site and when members may stop by to pick up their boxes. This information will be listed in our directory for members to see. Most Pick-Up Sites close at 9pm but you may request to have your Pick-Up Site close earlier. You do not need to be home during the delivery.

  • No-Shows. If a member does not pick up their share by 9pm on the date of delivery, and if prior arrangements are not made, the share is turned over to you, the Pick-Up Site Host. You can keep the fruit for you and your family, or you can give it to a neighbor, friend, or donate it. Either way, you can decide what to do with the fruit. Failure of any member to respect the hours set by a Host Site may result in suspension or cancellation of their CSA share.

  • Location. Allocate a space, (i.e. your backyard, deck, porch, etc.,) for the CSA shares. Boxes must be kept in the shade and have cover from the rain. Set up a routine so your members know where to find their share. You may take a hands-on or hands-off role in the distribution of the shares. If you wish to change the location of the CSA shares, please contact the CSA Manager and any CSA members who are currently picking up at your site.

  • Away on Vacation. All members may place a temporary "hold" on their share if they are away through their online account. However, if you are unable to accept deliveries to your site while you are away, please make arrangements for a different member to host a temporary Pick-Up Site at their residence.

  • Discounts. All Pick-Up Site Hosts receive home delivery free of charge. Additionally, you will receive the following discounts depending on the number of members signed up to pick up at your site:

    • 15% off your CSA subscription if you have 5 members or more pick up at your site;

    • 30% off if you have 7 members or more;

    • 50% off if you have 10 members or more;

    • 70% if you have 12 members, or;

    • FREE if you have 15 members or more.

  • Deadline for Discounts. Discounts will be applied once we have sold out of shares or when we close signups. Hosts will be signed up by the CSA manager and will be notified if they owe anything for their share once discounts have been applied.

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For any further questions please feel free to contact our CSA manager, Isabel,  via email or by phone at 206-402-1300.