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Find us at the farmers markets in the greater seattle area year-round.


Columbia City Farmers Market,

3-7pm, May 9th - October 10th

Wallingford Farmers Market,

3:30-7pm, May 16th - September 26th


Bellevue Farmers Market,

3-7pm, May 17th–October 11th

Queen Anne Farmers Market,

3-7:30pm, June 7th to October 11th


Phinney Ridge Farmers Market,

3:30-7:30pm. June 1st -September 28th

Madrona Farmers Market,

3-7pm, May 18th–October 12th


Edmonds Farmers Market,
Garden Market: 9am–2pm, May 5th–June 9th
Full Market: 9am–3pm, June 16th –October 6th 

Magnolia Farmers Market
10am-2pm, June 2nd - October 20th

Redmond Farmers Market
9am-3pm, May 20th–October 28th.

University District Farmers Market,

9am-2pm, year round.


Ballard Farmers Market 
10am–3pm, year round.

West Seattle Farmers Market 
10am–2pm, year round.

Broadway Farmers Market 
11am–3pm, year round.

Lake Forest Park Farmers Market,
10am–3pm, May 14th–October 15th 

Mercer Island Farmers Market,
10am–3pm, June 4th–October 8th