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Four Generations of Farmers

Calvin Collins

Calvin Collins is a third generation farmer. He uses his forty-plus years of experience to evaluate new farming techniques and fruit varieties. His priority is to implement the best farming practices to keep his trees and his land healthy, productive, and sustainable.

Brian Collins

Brian is a fourth generation farmer and the manager of Collins Family Orchard's participation in the many area farmers markets.

Calvin Collins

Farming Methods

We prune our trees and thin the fruit set extensively; our goal is quality, not quantity. We are continuously in search of more perfect fruit, and we test many new varieties each year by grafting and planting new fruits in an experimental block in the orchard. To earn their keep, new fruit must grow well in our climate and taste great!

We're eager to bring our fruit to market, but we don't rush to pick it. Fruit should not come off the tree until it is ripe and ready, at the peak of flavor.

The Collins Family believes in healthy and sustainable growing practices for which we use organic fertilizers, seaweed, and fish oils. For pest control we use organic insecticide - "Entrust". This keeps our fruit, our farm land, and our employees healthy and happy for many seasons to come!