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Collins Family Orchard CSA Policy

We ask all CSA members to read the following policy prior to participating in Collins Family Orchards CSA program.


  • We use a web-based service called Farmigo to organize our CSA program. Through Farmigo, our CSA members are able to create and sign-in to a personal account, track and make payments (through PayPal), and adjust their orders.
  • We accept two types of payment: credit card (via PayPal) or check.
  • Credit card payments are processed by PayPal through our website program (Farmigo).
  • Checks can be made out to Collins Family Orchard and mailed to Collins Family Orchards - P.O. Box 17726 - Seattle, WA 98127. Please be sure the name on your Farmigo account either matches the name on the check or is written somewhere on the check.
  • CSA members:
  • ...may choose to pay for the entire season upfront or in installments.
  • ...agree to pay their account in a timely manner and keep their account membership information up-to-date.

Placing a Hold on your CSA Box:

  • CSA members who will be out of town at some point during their subscription may either arrange for someone else to pick up their share or may place a temporary "hold" on their box by logging into their Farmigo account. Please note the following policies for holds:
  • Holds must be placed no later than three days before the date of the delivery or pick-up you would like to have held
  • Refundable holds will be limited to two per Summer season and one per Winter season. There is no limit to nonrefundable holds which will be credited in the form of make-up CSA boxes, credit to a farmers market, or credit to our online farm store".
  • After placing a hold, please inform the CSA Manager how you would like credit for your missed box or by phone at 206-402-1300. For your first two holds you may request a refund for the box (in the form of a check) or, if you are paying in installments, we can take the cost of the box off of your next installment. For any holds after the first two you may have an extra box delivered on another date, you may have credit at the Farmers Market booth for the cost of the box, or you may receive credit to our online farm store. All credit for boxes must be redeemed by the end of the CSA subscription. If you do not let the CSA Manager know how you would like to handle the credit for your hold box before the end of the season, you forfeit the right to that credit.

Changes To Your Account:

  • You are welcome to change your box size at any point during the season if you realize a smaller or larger box would better fit your needs.
  • If you move or need to change pick-up site location for any other reason, please let the CSA manager know or by phone at 206-402-1300 no later than three days prior to your first delivery at the new location.
  • Contact the CSA Manager or by phone at 206-402-1300 if you need to cancel your account. If an account is cancelled, we will refund you any payments made for CSA boxes not yet received.


  • Collins Family Orchards does our best to leave your share in a safe place at your requested location. Once the share is delivered, it is no longer the responsibility of Collins Family Orchards.


  • CSA members receive weekly email reminders about their delivery and information regarding their participation in our CSA program. Please read our emails as soon as you see them. Please add to your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.

Pick-Up Sites:

  • You may choose to either pick up at a Pick-Up Site or to host a Pick-Up Site at your home address or work. In order to become a Pick-Up Site Host, you must recruit at least two other CSA members to pick up at your site. Please refer to our Host Pick-Up Information handout for additional information. If you have any further questions or would like to sign up as a Pick-Up Site Host, contact the CSA Manager or by phone at 206-402-1300.
  • Please break down and return last week's box each week when you come to pick up your box.
  • Please pick up your CSA share by the closing time of the pick-up site, usually 9pm on the day of delivery. Shares not picked up within the set time frame become the property of the Pick-up site unless prior arrangements have been made. Failure of any member to respect the hours set by a host site may result in suspension or cancellation of their CSA share.

Picking Up At The Market:

  • CSA members who choose to pick up their box at the market may only pick up at the market originally selected when signing up for the CSA. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the CSA Manager, market CSA members cannot pick up their box from a different market.
  • Market CSA members must pick up their box every week unless a hold has been placed or the CSA Manager has been otherwise notified before the date of the market. Holds must be placed at least three days before the date of the market. If a CSA member does not pick up their share, and does not communicate with the CSA Manager beforehand, they forfeit their right to that CSA share.
  • On the date of their first pick-up, we will provide members with a box to carry their fruit. Members are responsible for bringing back their box each week to have it refilled. If a box is lost or damaged, please contact the CSA Manager so we can replace it with a new box.
  • CSA members may come at any time while the market is open, but are encouraged to come earlier to have the best selection of fruit. CSA members may not pick up fruit before the market has opened or after the market has closed. All farmers market hours may be found here.

Fruit Quality:

  • We do our best to provide the highest quality fruit possible to our CSA members. Occasionally, small bruises or nicks can happen in picking or transportation. If fruit is ever badly damaged or bruised, please contact the CSA manger on the date of delivery or by phone at 206-402-1300 and we will gladly replace the fruit.
  • Please follow the CSA Manager's instructions in the weekly emails for care for your fruit in order to maintain the best flavor and freshness.

Buying Additional Fruit At The Market:

  • All CSA members may purchase additional fruit at any of our Farmers Market booths for the discounted CSA rate of $2.25/lb.
  • Only the CSA member(s) named on your Farmigo account are eligible for the market discount. Friends and other family members of a CSA member may not receive this discount.
  • The CSA discount is only available for the duration of your subscribed season.