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Fruit CSA — Delivered!

Welcome to Collins Family Orchards' CSA program! Our program is designed to save you time and money — while supporting a local, family-run orchard!

Save Time: We love meeting fellow fruit lovers at area farmers markets, swapping recipes, and talking fruit. But we know it can be difficult to find time for the market (and lug around a heavy bag of fruit). A home delivery will give you more time for other things.

Save Money: The sustainably-grown, local fruit in your CSA box costs an average of only $2.50 per lb! Extra perk: CSA Members can purchase additional fruit at our farmers market stands at their CSA subscription rate.

It's easy! All you have to do is place your order online, and our freshest fruit will be on its way. There's even an à la carte option for special orders on select boxes of fruit.

So much Collins fruit!

Our Fall CSA sign-ups have closed; please check back in the spring for news about our Summer 2018 CSA.

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The Details

Our 2017 Fall CSA goes from October 4 through November 29.

Our CSA boxes are filled with the week's best pickings of peaches, plums, pluots, nectarines, apples, and pears! (See our Fruit page for a month-by-month fruit listing.)

Ordering Options

We offer 3 different sizes on a weekly schedule, so there are options for all appetites and households. (Add $4/week for home delivery to the prices below; no charge for delivery to Pick-Up Sites or farmers markets.)

in a box
Example of what's in a box Cost
per box
Weekly Delivery
(15 weeks)
Small 6-7 lbs
(feeds 1-2)
3 Honey Crisp apples, 3 Packham pears, 2 Pink Lady apples, 2 asian pears $17 $153*
Medium 10 lbs
(feeds 2-3)
4 Honey Crisp apples, 3 Packham pears, 3 Bosc pears, 3 asian pears, 3 Pink Lady apples $24 $216*
Large 15 lbs
(feeds 3-5)
8 Honey Crisp, 4 Packham pears, 4 Bosc pears, 4 asian pears, 4 Pink Lady apples, 4 Fuji apples $34 $306*

* For weekly home delivery, add $36 ($4 for 9 weeks) to the prices above.


À La Carte Option

Making a pie or hosting a party? With our à la carte option, you can add to your order (i.e. a box of apples), as products become available. Remember to check our on-line farm store often for updates.


Sign Up Is Easy!

When you sign up, you'll choose your box size, delivery frequency (weekly or biweekly for home delivery or pick-up site CSA subscriptions during our Summer CSA, weekly only for market pick-ups during our Summer CSA and weekly only for all Fall CSA subscriptions), and delivery location (your home, a Pick-Up Site, or one of our Seattle farmers markets). For your convenience, the directory on our online order form presents your Pick-Up Site options both in list form and on a map — you can even filter by zip code.

Full payment at the time of your order is appreciated, but there are payment plans available as well. Payment is accepted via PayPal (online) or by check (by mail).

A crate of Collins peaches!

Host a Pick-Up Site!

What better way to get free fruit, build community, and reduce our carbon footprint.

A Pick-Up Site can be a house, place of business, office, daycare, yoga studio — just about anything. Host a Pick-Up Site at your address and we'll waive your home delivery fee — and you may qualify for free fruit!
See our FAQ and our Pick-Up Site Host Information page to learn more.

If you are an active host with questions please contact the CSA Manager or by phone at 206-402-1300.

Need a flyer to promote our CSA to your friends, neighbors, or co-workers? Download one here.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Joining a CSA connects mindful "eaters" with local farmers through a reciprocal relationship. Participants purchase a "farm share" (also called a membership or subscription) early in the season. Members receive a wide variety of produce throughout the growing season AND farmers get paid fair prices for growing sustainable food for a local market. It's a win-win.

Collins Family Orchards offers an "all fruit" CSA, its easy just open the box and enjoy!

Do I need to commit to the entire season?
We kindly ask participants commit to the entire season by choosing a weekly (or bi-weekly in the summer) subscription. To offer some flexibility, we allow our CSA members to place up to two temporary "holds" on their subscription at no charge.

What if I am not home the day my CSA order is delivered?
No problem! All orders are packed in a cardboard box and our delivery team will leave your order on your doorstep (or in nearby shade), and pick up your empty box. If you are on vacation, you may put your account on hold or ask a friend to pick it up from your pick-up location.

What can I expect to find in my CSA box?
Our selection of fruit changes with the seasons so you can expect a lot of variety. Each box will be filled with as many different flavors as the season allows.

We begin our Summer CSA season with some of our most popular items: Cherries and Peaches! As summer progresses, expect to find many types of stone fruits: doughnut peaches, nectarines, white peaches, apricots, and hybrid fruits such as pluots and apriums (half plum/half apricot.) Then as the summer winds down, we get into numerous varieties of apples, pears, Asian pears, and plums.

Our Fall CSA features a mixture of apples (Honey Crisp, Pink Lady, Jona Gold, Fuji, and more), pears (Bosc, Packham, Asian, Bartlett), and plums.

Why is there a $4 weekly home delivery charge?
The $4 weekly home delivery charge covers our delivery costs. (Don't forget: Pick-Up Sites are not charged a delivery fee.) To help make home delivery an affordable option, we keep the price of our fruit low, at an average of only $2.50 per pound.

Can I pick up my CSA share at a Farmers Market? How does this work?
Yes! We offer weekly pick-ups at the year-round markets: Ballard, Broadway, or West Seattle. Picking up the farmers market is easy. You will receive a membership card when you pick up your first box which you will be asked to show to our staff when picking up at any of our markets. We will have an empty box for you on your first pick up that you can reuse throughout the season. You can place this box on the scale and fill it with any fruit you'd like (with the exception of cherries which we limit to 2 lbs. for a small box, 4 lbs. for a medium box, and 6 lbs. for a large box) up to the weight limit for your box (6 lbs. for a small, 10 lbs. for a medium, and 15 lbs. for a large). You're also welcome to add additional fruit to your box at the discounted CSA price!

What is a Pick-Up Site? How can I host one? Did someone say FREE FRUIT?
A Pick-Up Site can be a house, business, office, daycare center, yoga studio — almost any place with a Seattle zip code. As a Site Host, you are the contact person; you are responsible for recruiting CSA members, receiving the delivery, and dispersing each order to its correct owner.

To thank you for your time coordinating a Pick-Up Site, Collins Family Orchards will reward you with fruit! We'll give you:
     - 15% off if you have 5 members or more pick up at your site,
     - 30% off if you have 7 members or more,
     - 50% off if you have 10 members or more,
     - 70% if you have 12 members, or
     - Free if you have 14 members or more.
Please note: Discounts will be distributed once sign ups have closed.

Members may sign up throughout the season to host or collect their CSA share from a Pick-Up Site (or choose home delivery). Pick-Up Sites are listed in our directory with an approximate address to indicate a neighborhood. We never show the address of a private residence until a member signs up to that specific Pick-Up Site. Lastly, Pick-Up Sites choose the number of deliveries they will accept, and whether they are open to all members, or only friends and family. More details can be found on our Pick-Up Site Host Information page.

If you're interested in hosting a Pick-Up Site, please contact the CSA Manager or by phone at 206-402-1300.

Is the fruit organic? What are your growing methods?
At Collins Family Orchards, we pride ourselves on quality fruit and sustainable practices. Currently, 16 acres of our orchards are USDA Certified Organic, the rest are not. Throughout our orchards, we use sustainable and natural farming practices that include organic fertilizers, seaweed, and fish oil. For pest control, we use organic Intrust, which works by mating disruption. Our livelihood and family has been connected with this orchard and this land for over 100 years; we take our responsibilities as land stewards seriously.

We grow the highest quality fruit in our family-run orchards: we never sacrifice quality for quantity, we pick fruit only when it's ripe, and we continuously trial new varieties.

Where is Collins Family Orchards Located?
We are in Selah, just north of Yakima.

Where else can I find your Fruit?
We sell year-round at the Ballard, West Seattle, and Broadway Farmers Markets, and seasonally at over a dozen farmers markets in Seattle and surrounding areas.

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